Spoon carving

Today we had a special treat as Alistair Park came to our session to teach us wood carving skills that would enable us to make a wooden spoon. Alistair used to volunteer at the farm and now teaches wood carving and creates his own wooden masterpieces. To find out more, commission a piece or book a class, take a look at his website or his blog.

Firstly, and most importantly, Alistair talked us through general safety and the specific safety issues peculiar to using wood carving tools. He showed us different types of wood and their pros and cons, the tools we would be using and the techniques required to use them safely.

There was quite a lot to take in but Alistair remained attentive and approachable throughout the whole day, offering advice, reminding us of anything we had forgotten and teaching other skills as the need arose. We set to work on our individual projects.

We were so busy and engrossed in what we were doing, we didn’t have time to prepare lunch. Luckily it was prepared for us by the three superstars below, which was lovely and greatly appreciated!IMG_20180806_123316After lunch, we got back to our spoons which were coming along very nicely. One member of the group took a sequence of photos showing the progression of his spoon throughout the day.

Towards the end of the day we got together from our scattered shady spots and admired each other’s work.IMG_20180806_153312

IMG_20180806_153343The day just wouldn’t be complete without a visit from our favourite feathered friend, so here he is nonchalantly perching under a chair, pretending he isn’t looking for cheese.IMG_20180806_144506We thoroughly enjoyed our day and look forward to completing our spoons using our new skills. Alistair recommended a book for those of us who wanted to continue wood carving and expand our repertoire and gave us lots of helpful advice about the best tools to get for a reasonable price.

To see Alistair’s account of this day on his blog please click here.